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VideoReDo Plus 2.1.0.

VideoReDo Plus 2.1.0.: Frame accurate MPEG Video Editor Fixes Audio Sync and Removes Commercials MPEG1 editing (including VCD), MPEG2 editing (including DVD & SVCD), as well as High Definition editing (HD) program stream and transport stream editing. Unique scrubbing and navigation tools are customizable to suit your own style of video editing with a wide variety of course-grained and fine-grained editing tools. A full compliment of logical keyboard commands permit editing by those who prefer keyboard control or want to edit via their home-theater

VideoReDo QuickEdit 1.6.2: Frame accurate edit MPEG video 10x faster without loosing quality.
VideoReDo QuickEdit 1.6.2

edit your MPEG videos 10x faster without loosing quality. Solve MPEG video sync issues quickly and reliably. If you are using any MPEG videos (MPEG1, MPEG2, and High Definition) on your PC, VideoReDo is the quickest way to easily edit your favorite videos. Perfect for quickly cutting and joining your videos and corrects the effects of dropped frames when burning DVDs from TV, noisy video tapes and other synchronization problems. Thousands of users

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VideoReDo TVSuite 3.1: Edit Out Commercials in Seconds and Create TV Show DVDs in Minutes
VideoReDo TVSuite 3.1

MPEG editing solution... so whether you are using a PVR, DVR, DVD or capture card to record TV, VideoReDo TVSuite will simplify your editing, and reliably create DVDs of your TV shows in minutes rather than hours. Supports: MPEG2 program streams. MPEG1 program streams MPEG1 Layer II audio TiVo HD Microsoft Media Center DVRMS files High Definition (HD) program streams. AC3/A52 audio (DVD audio encoding). CBR and VBR programs. DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R,

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TMPGEnc MPEG Editor The faster, easier editor for your digital video! Edit unwanted scenes and more!

MPEG Editor 2.0 lets you enjoy cut-editing your video with professional quality and precision. MPEG Editor 2.0 is the faster, easier editor for your digital video! Main Features: 1. Watch your favorite shows commercial-free Import your footage from your DVD Recorder into MPEG Editor 2.0, and edit out all the annoying commercials and unwanted scenes with little to no effort. 2. Import. Edit. Write. MPEG Editor 2.0 fully supports DVD-RAM thanks to

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Torrent Mpeg Video Cutter 1.93: A powerful MPEG video cutter to cut MPEG file without re-encoding process.
Torrent Mpeg Video Cutter 1.93

MPEG source video. Torrent MPEG Video Cutter is also a handy and user-friendly MPEG video cutter to cut your favorite MPEG video files. Previewing before the video cut is supported. MPEG video can be cut accurately by setting start point and end point. 1.Functions: * MPEG Video Cutter, supports MPEG/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPG format video cut. * Cut MPEG/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPG without re-encode process. 2.Features: * Easy to use A beginner- friendly MPEG Video

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MPEG Converter 6.64: MPEG Converter is a quickly convert MPEG to almost all video formats.
MPEG Converter 6.64

MPEG Converter is a quickly convert MPEG to almost all video formats. It also supports convert MPEG to video formats including MPEG to 3GP,MPEG to MP4,MPEG to FLV,MPEG to MP4, MPEG to MKV,MPEG to MOV,MPEG to MP4,MPEG to OGG, MPEG to PSP,MPEG to RM10,MPEG to RM20,MPEG to SWF,MPEG to WMV,MPEG to M1V,MPEG to M2V,MPEG to AAC, MPEG to AC3,MPEG to MP2,MPEG to MP3,MPEG to WAV, MPEG to WMA,MPEG to VCD,MPEG to SVCD,MPEG to DVD.

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Torrent MPEG VIdeo Splitter 1.96: A  powerful MPEG video splitter splits MPEG, without re-encoding process.
Torrent MPEG VIdeo Splitter 1.96

MPEG Video Splitter is friendly and intuitive, easy and convenient to split a MPEG video file. Video can be split accurately by setting start point a 1. Functions: * MPEG Video splitter, supports mpeg, mpg, mpeg-1, mpeg-2 format video splitting. * Split MPEG video without re-encoding process. 2. Features: * With friendly and intuitive interface, a user-friendly MPEG video splitter. * Fast MPEG splitting speed. The MPEG video splitting process will

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